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Why maintain W3C standards

That being said, that standards are for anyone and for everyone to follow but most of the time people seem to have not a much of consideration in the context of standardization. W3C is one of the standards been introduced in 1994 to world of web, referred to as World Wide Web Consortium. Standardization of web made much easier to assess to all web user. W3C is an international community that develops and introduces standards to ensure the long term growth of World Wide Web.



It’s a concept of JavaScript and Xml. Mostly its using for above things we can categorized for those topics.

1. Form validations.

2. Online chat programs.

3. Photo gallery.

Choose a perfect CRM for a better performance


CRM is an abbreviation of “Customer Relationship Management” and it’s indeed a great web base software solution system to manage the customer relationship to a grater extend. Since the complexity of choosing a perfect CRM system for your organization, now companies tend to go for CRM system consultant for a correct choice.

Compare Drupal 6 and Druapl 7

When we are talking about content management systems we can’t forget DRUPAL .it is one of the best CMS ever. Well known drupal 7 were released at January 5th, 2011.So I decided to write an Article for Compare Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 .normally all are saying drupal is not user friendly than other CMS like Joomla etc…but Drupal Developers have passed to fix that issue in Drupal 7.its user friendly than other CMS’s .it’s very easier to use An entirely revamped administrative interface makes your daily tasks easier to find and carry out.

Consider when you making a Blog comment.

Blogging is a new trend of keep in touch with the community around and very nice way of sharing knowledge among them. Having a blog to a web site would keep always visitors up to date. It is important to make blog post every now and then but one other thing we have to count on is community response to the posts that we make. In another words it has to be two way contribution of knowledge. This is where proper commenting function always makes the blog so interacting and gives whole new value to a discussion.

Importance of a sitemap to an SEO-Friendly Website


The first step is to ensure that your site can be found and crawled by search engines. This is not as simple as it sounds, as there are many popular web designs and implementation constructs that the crawlers may not understand.

As far as Google is concerned, they might as well not exist—great content, good keyword targeting, and smart marketing won’t make any difference at all if the spiders can’t reach those pages in the first place.

XML Sitemaps

Black Hat SEO


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a full comprehensive web-analytical service pack offered free of charge to all the users, the compelling features and benefits such as keyword comparison, custom dashboards and AdWords integration for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers.

You may already deployed some of other third party packages or techniques to track the traffic volume which is good you should try mix of all but google analytics is most often choice of all for starters.

Open source


Comprehensive E-learning Software.


E-learning is very much popular concept in every corner of the world of education. Seems to be the concept provides a grater solution for many barriers in today’s most educational systems. Generally speaking this is a process of sharing knowledge to a wide range of students with maximum control over their resources. By means of effective e-learning system not only the student benefits but also the educational provider to a great extend.