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Internet forum or a massage board is a very popular concept among Internet users and mostly it is a great feature of web 2.0. It is a place where people could communicate on different context based on topics. Therefore now a day’s web site owners tend to integrate online forums to their web site with certain topics which would relate to the website. This is where online forums differ from blog spots, because author could write an article same time any one could comment on it but in forum any one could start a new post and start a new topic, there fore it will not limit to a certain boundary and has the broad knowledge shearing opportunity than a blog spot. Message board, discussion group, bulletin board or web forum are the given names for this concept.

Forums make the site very much live since it is a place of constant updates which makes the traffic volume much stronger. Speaking in which there are plenty of benefits which a website could claim having forum intergraded. Forums developed in PHP has its core capability of easy integration, PHP is a open source scripting language very much capable of embedding with HTML and CMS web applications.


This is very much popular Internet forum developed in PHP and released under GNU GPL. Since it has been written PHP it’s the abbreviation of PHP Bulleting Board.


It is commercial internet forum software developed in PHP and users a MYSQL database.

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