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How important SEO for companies.


Defiantly it is an indeed requirement for online business companies in todays competitive market. Not only concerning about selling and services through internet but also the tendency of advertising your company to the rest of the world. So Put more emphasis on thinking what possibly SEO could do to your business. What if the business world would aware of your company?

Social Shopping

Social Shopping is a new way for consumers to find what to buy by measuring the buzz around products. Users recommend products, and the crowd defines the best products by recommending what they know and like. Good products go to the top of the list, weak products disappear: the setup is very much like the popular news website Digg. Buzz is measured by the amount of activity surrounding a product: how many times a product has been viewed, how many bloggers have written about it, and how many users have commented about it.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is an essential tool for any organization that relies on it's Marketing team. You can rest assure there will not be data redundancy with the tool keeping track of the customers that are present in the system. The CRM gives the ability to maintain a professional relationship with your clients through proper documentation of your prior conversations, documentations and call logs.

Why choose Recruitment Management Solution (RMS)?

What does RMS means?  it is a Recruitment Management Solution developed by Wakensys (Pvt) Ltd.

RMS is an application software absolutely designed for Recruitment Agencies which providers manpower for the Middle East. This software supports each and every step of the recruitment process. RMS has reports and forms to support all level of management of a Recruitment Agency.

Open Source Project Management Tool


Wide range of soft ware development companies’ uses many different project management tools for a many aspects. Any soft ware developing company has its common objectives; it is very important that the company develop the soft ware very efficiently and deliver the product on time. Not only that every soft ware company follows certain rules & step by step approaches for their development. Some PM tools are well design to verify all the stages which project should follow and the quality of outputs respectively.

Comprehensive E-learning Software.


E-learning is very much popular concept in every corner of the world of education. Seems to be the concept provides a grater solution for many barriers in today’s most educational systems. Generally speaking this is a process of sharing knowledge to a wide range of students with maximum control over their resources. By means of effective e-learning system not only the student benefits but also the educational provider to a great extend.

Open source




It’s a concept of JavaScript and Xml. Mostly its using for above things we can categorized for those topics.

1. Form validations.

2. Online chat programs.

3. Photo gallery.

Choose a perfect CRM for a better performance


CRM is an abbreviation of “Customer Relationship Management” and it’s indeed a great web base software solution system to manage the customer relationship to a grater extend. Since the complexity of choosing a perfect CRM system for your organization, now companies tend to go for CRM system consultant for a correct choice.

Compare Drupal 6 and Druapl 7

When we are talking about content management systems we can’t forget DRUPAL .it is one of the best CMS ever. Well known drupal 7 were released at January 5th, 2011.So I decided to write an Article for Compare Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 .normally all are saying drupal is not user friendly than other CMS like Joomla etc…but Drupal Developers have passed to fix that issue in Drupal 7.its user friendly than other CMS’s .it’s very easier to use An entirely revamped administrative interface makes your daily tasks easier to find and carry out.