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The Company
Wakensys is a full-service developing company that offers a complete range of solutions from offshore software development and custom web development to Internet marketing. Wakensys is an eBusiness solutions firm which helps clients to leverage the benefits of technology, not only by automating their current business processes, but also by making their businesses robust and scalable. Armed with expansive skill set, Wakensys can help businesses in creating new opportunities, streamlining and enhancing their existing processes and seamlessly integrating their operations. Our innovative and proficient eBusiness solutions would give your business the elusive competitive advantage.
Quality deliverable, efficient project management and technological prowess feed into our commitment to maximize process improvement and reduce operational cost for our clients. A satisfied client base and retention rate in excess of 95% bears testimony to this fact. Backed by proven expertise and unblemished reputation, we are here to help you achieve what you set out for.