What is DotNetNuke?

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DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source Portal and Content Management Framework, based on Microsoft’s .NET technology. It is a Content Management System that makes easy to create, deploy and manage websites, intranet, and extranet. The best part about DNN is it is fully customizable. DNN uses pieces of software called modules that can be developed in numerous ways and therefore get the best solution for any website. Also, one does not have to be a technical user as DotNetNuke web content management (WCM) system and application development platform was designed for end-users-everyday users who maintain websites for charitable organizations, non profit groups and so on.

Apart from the community edition, DotNetNuke also comes in the professional edition with premium functionality and technical support options. These additional features ensure success for organizations running business critical websites and applications.

In the community edition you would find features such as:

*Google Analytics Support

*Change Audit


Including the above mentioned features, the professional edition contains additional features such as:


*Google Analytics for Marketing Support
*Advanced Content Approval Process
*Granular Permissions
*Distributed Caching Provider
*File Integrity Checking
*Health Monitoring
*Vulnerability Database


DotNetNuke follows a three-tier architecture model with a core framework providing support to the extensible modular structure.

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