Moodle and some of its Features

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Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS) even known as Learning Management System (LMS) software that allows users to post course content, communicate with students, set up quizzes or surveys, and manage grades online. Traditional websites are well suited for recruiting students to courses and programs, as they are public and can be accessed by prospective students. However, this system lacks many features necessary for proper online instruction. Some important features that you would find are:

Communication:- With each Moodle course, comes a variety of communication tools. The process of mailing students has not been easier. Instructors can easily send mail to students in batches or individually. Not to mention chat room discussion between course members.

Easy to Build:- The user does not need to know how to build a web site to build a Moodle course as all the content is added through the use of online forms and can easily add items created in programs such as WordPerfect, Excel, Outlook, and many more.

Security:- All students are provided with unique login IDs and only those students will be able to access specific module contents, results and so on.

Apart from the above mentioned features, other features you would find are:

Customizable content areas
Course Calendar
Online Quizzes and Surveys
Online Grade book
Course Statistics
Advanced eLearning content development with the Lesson module

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