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Now the Private and public clients as well as smaller companies preferred to use CMS tools for their web applications on Microsoft .NET Platform. Dotnetnuke (DNN) has design based on Microsoft technology. DNN is a fully functional CRM with extensible functionalities for constant changing commercial portals and robust. DNN developed in released under the both BSD and commercial license.

* Community Edition

Community edition is released specially for non-technical users to create and edit content to customize the functionalities according to the personnel preference. Since it is extensible modular base, can be further expanded using third party modules or skin for a better custom graphics.

* Professional Edition

Professional Edition was introduced in February 2009 with version 5.0; this is commercial edition for the business oriented users with premium functionality and technical support options. It is tested and verify version for with business critical application.

Google Analytics; Google analytics help to keep a track of visitors, average time on landing pages and to do a marketing campaign.

User Permissions & levels; Provides different levels of access rights to modules and to content.

File Integrity & checking; Checks files in the installation and reports any inconsistencies which may impact web site reliability.

Health Monitoring; Pings the web site periodically to identify failures and will notify the site owner. Also ensures the site stays in web server memory for faster user accessibility.

Professional edition offers full product documentation, Email notification of security patches with product updates and a comprehensive online knowledge base application for users. DotNetNuke uses a three-tier architecture model which enables lot of add-ons to enrich the application.

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