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KnowledgeTree® is an open source document management software that is PHP based, easy to install and used across a broad range of organizations. It is also the leading commercial open source electronic document management software designed for small to medium-sized organizations.

Some of the main features included in the community edition are workflow, version control and audit trails. It also helps manage the document lifecycle, promote collaboration, reduce paper and ensure compliance. The PHP design, as well as integration of open standards, such as CMIS, ensures that KnowledgeTree can be easily integrated with other systems.

Like other SaaS products it requires no installation, upgrades or server infrastructure and offers users a production-ready, web-based, document management system.
As a commercial open source company, KnowledgeTree is committed to affordability, accessibility and integration across operating systems and applications.

KnowledgeTree Community Edition is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system.

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