Importance of Web Design

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In today’s context the easiest, fastest and most effective way to reach new customers is through online marketing. It has opened many doors for small to medium sized businesses to compete with corporate entities. Keeping that in mind, it is very important to ensure a customer is satisfied in what he sees as it is the first point of contact between the customer and the business. By making the right first impression, customers are likely to have a positive reaction to those products and services.

For this reason, the designer should have control and understanding over seven major areas. They are:-

Balance: Usage of visual weight to control design balance through the use of factors such as color, size, space and density.

Color: Usage of proper color in the design will help the visitor get a clear picture of your message.

Dominance: This is the process of getting the attention of the viewer by using factors such as size, position, color, style and shape to make one area more dominant than the other.

Gestalt: This is the idea the mind perceives just by having a glance at the website design. In other words, all elements used in the web page such as text, images, spacing, etc. put together in a balanced manner, would mean gestalt is at play.

Hierarchy: It is important to maintain a proper hierarchy in the design so that the viewers could easily be guided through the website.

Space: Without proper spacing between elements and designs, the site would look crowded and possibly give a negative message to the viewer. Having white space is just as much important as containing information on any website.

Unity: This refers to the use of elements in such a way so that it would strike a balance between unity and variety. Over use of elements could result in chaos.

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