Consider when you making a Blog comment.

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Blogging is a new trend of keep in touch with the community around and very nice way of sharing knowledge among them. Having a blog to a web site would keep always visitors up to date. It is important to make blog post every now and then but one other thing we have to count on is community response to the posts that we make. In another words it has to be two way contribution of knowledge. This is where proper commenting function always makes the blog so interacting and gives whole new value to a discussion.

Blog comments are lifeblood of a blog, it makes a discussion deeper and more interesting. It is a social aspect that makes blog such a powerful component among the community. As the conversation builds, so will the relationship with your reader and the popularity.

When writing comments try to catch the attention of people, make it more an on going conversation make involve not only the author but also the other readers as well. It would be main fact of increasing the traffic to your site. It is really unnecessary to make the text bold to highlight the comment.

Almost every blog has a comment functionality, in the comment section you may notice as first entry you required to enter some details in order to make a post. Name, e-mail & web site link, so make sure you are not repeating the same info. for the second time. It will give the impression that you are spamming the comment area for some other links.

Most of readers used to comment blogs without a proper understanding about the article, In fact they don’t spend time on reading it, no sense at all, completely divers the whole idea by using a different interpretation. So make sure you have a good understanding about the whole conversation is about.

It is not nice to be harsh on others comments that could be there opinions, they might be wrong but pass the massage across in a polite manner without showing that you are the “guru” on the subject. Remember this is a one way of sharing the knowledge. Try to compliment the effort that they have put on writing the articles.