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We measured annual sales on our old site and compared it to our Wakensys site. Our sales increased by 465%! And that was after deducting fees, which were lower on our (less productive) site. Being a retail store, our December holiday sales are of primary importance to our business. December sales in 2010—only four months after our Wakensys site launch—were 15 times what we had experienced in December 2009. These figures represent actual website online sales. In addition, the site has spurred substantial increases in phone sales and store visits that are not reflected in these figures. And our web sales continue to grow. We are very pleased with our site. Thanking you and to your colleagues at Wakensys team!

Joe Mathew - Vice President
Poggled |
Wanger Investment Management

Wakensys has been a great company to team up with. Wanger Investment Management brought Wakensys a challenge to create a product that had never been created. We had high expectations, demands for integration, and concerns about end-user ease of use. The project is huge and throughout the planning and development stages there has been a team of experts that were there from Wakensys to listen to our hopes and ideas. The staff at Wakensys have worked diligently to customize a product to meet our needs. We started with big goals and Wakensys has consistently met our expectations.

Eric Wanger - President
Wanger Investment Management |
Grossinger Auto Sales

We have used Wakensys for our Chicago Auto Show Web for last three years. I think that speaks volumes for our level of endorsement. There are tons of designers and hosting firms out there, all wanting to have our business. We choose Wakensys because they get the job done for us in great form….We get hundreds of compliments from viewers/visitors and our participating manufacturers and media visiting our site for everything from basic information to detailed specs for the show. Wakensys is an outstanding organization.

Zuhri Thair - Director of After Sales
Grossinger Auto Sales |
Lenova Sinks

Wakensys has been instrumental in enabling us to upgrade our web presence and make the site an integral part of the LENOVA SINK business model. We look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Chris Wang - Executive Director
Lenova Sinks |

Just wanted to make sure that you knew your team did a fantastic job leading up to and during the draft. The site looked phenomenal, and the new features, including the download and searches are great additions. From start to finish, I think this project went very well. Live streaming worked perfectly, every content item went up just as it was supposed to, and I don’t see any team site that has as much to offer as ours does today. And it looks like the fans agree.

David Mann - Marketing Director
FirstDataBank |